Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will it be illegal to watch movies on this site?

No, absolutely not, watching is completely legal and another reason why you can watch movies here is that we do not host the movies rather we link to them.

2) I cannot find the movies that I want to watch, is there anything I can do about it?

Yes, you can employ the use of the Request Form present on the website and we will upload the requests as soon as possible.

3) How do I check the version of the movie?

You can go through the movie list, move your cursor on the thumbnail of the movie and you will be able to see the version in which it is present.

4) How I turn on and off the subtitles for the movie?

The majority of the movies have English subtitles, which means that you can easily turn on and off the subtitles by simply clicking on the (CC) icon present in the control bar of the player. For the movies that do not have a subtitle, the icon would not appear.

5) How do I change the quality of the movie even when I am watching it?

The majority of the movies come in various quality options, for instance, 1080p, 720p, 480p and so on, and you can click on the quality option in which you want to watch your movie.

6) How do I get to know the quality of the movie?

It’s utterly simple, you can just move your mouse on the thumbnail of the movie and the list of the quality will appear on the top right corner of the tooltip.

4) When it says that the URL is broken, then what can be done next?

We upload more than one server for each movie, so, if you get the message of a broken server then try the other servers. In case, none of them respond then kindly report the issue to us and we will look into it at once.

8) How to reach out to you?

Visit our Contact Page to reach us in an instant!