Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice

On the grounds of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Putlockers is a virtual service provider and an entertainment website.

All the contents of media on Putlockers are copyrighted ownerships; we permit our users to upload their own content on our site. Take this into grave consideration that we refrain from monitoring or screening the content that is being uploaded on our site. Each and every media content is legal on (this site) and we are certainly not indulged in any illegal task or activity neither do we have any affiliates.

Putlockers is in opposition to the violations of the legal copyrights; we rigidly guard the rights and do not let any illegal element become a part of the media content of our site. The copyright violation is what we keep our self away from and we encourage legal copyright owners to display their media content on our site.

In any case, you find something on our site that is your own property and you did not allow anyone to employ the use of your content then please contact us instantly to bring to our knowledge your copyrights. We will thoroughly review your request and take the necessary actions against the specific user.

We offer an online form to facilitate the procedure for you; you are expected to provide the specific details in all the necessary fields. If you do not provide that information then, as a result, we will be unable to take any actions. Don the other hand; if you do not wish to fill the form then you can as per your convenience send us an email. This email will be directly sent to our DMCA representative who will review the presented case and will pursue it as required and appropriate. You can also opt for postal mail.

You are required to write to us the full information about the copyright media with the particular identifications, ensure that you write only the accurate details about the unit that is being infringed. If you have observed several infringements on our site of your copyright content, then you are required to present to us a list of the items, each in complete detail. This notification too can be sent via email, form submission or through postal mail.

Address to us the full information of the material that is being infringed, a detailed description, as well as the location, is also needed as it will assist us in locating the material and taking the actions. Please, take note that the details also comprise of the URL or URLs of the claimed materials being allegedly fringed. If you do not offer us the information of the URL, then we will be unable to locate the material. The complaining party should add only relevant details about their identity as well, for instance, their contact details, name.

Once we receive the mentioned information, we will contact the complaining party in order to discuss the matter in complete details. As the complaining party, you will have to persuade us with assurance and get us to believe that the material that is live on our site does not possess the permission to be exposed and you have the reserved rights to that specific content.

Your statement should express that you do not grant anyone the authorization to employ the use of your copyrights or ownership.

In case the complaining party includes the lawyer panel or agents then the report should reveal to us in correct terms about the details provided in the notifications and that the complaining party possesses the permission or the rights by the owner itself of the infringing material to carry forward the matter and act on behalf of the owner.

Feel free to contact us to get answers to your question.